100% Grain based alcohol

By rectifying an entirely grain based alcohol through both pure copper and pure silver, Silversmith Vodka achieves a crisp clarity that is unrivalled.

Distilled through pure silver

By distilling through silver, a process unique to Silversmith Vodka, more impurities can be removed than via normal distillation techniques.

Distilled through pure copper

To keep with the traditions of fine distillation we also distill through copper, a process refined by distillers over hundreds of years.

100% Grain based alcohol

We start with the best to result in the best.

Five times pot distilled

With each distillation, additional sulfides are removed to result in a cleaner taste. Silversmith Vodka is pot distilled five times using our signature silver purification process, resulting in a vodka so pure you'll want to sip it.

Product of Australia

Produced by Demoiselle Distillery, located in the pristine hills of the Centreal Tablelands, NSW.

Where to buy

Silversmith Vodka is available at select bottle shops and through our online store

Demoiselle Distillery

Online Store

Silversmith Vodka can be purchased through our distillery's online store. In addition to Silversmith Vodka, Demoiselle Distilelry also produces a range of uniquely Australian absinthe which can be purchased and shipped together with Silversmith Vodka. You can find more information about Demoiselle Absinthe at the Demoiselle Distilley website.